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As a pioneer in the production of photoresists, which are essential for semiconductor manufacturing, we offer a lineup of materials that excel in both miniaturization and three-dimensional structure processes. In addition to photoresists, we also provide high purity chemicals and other materials with outstanding characteristics. In this section, we will focus on the FEOL process and introduce our products designed for this process.


Semiconductor Packaging

We have a strong presence not only in the front-end of the semiconductor manufacturing process, but also in the packaging process.
Bump photoresists, wafer level CSP photoresists for redistribution layer, and TSV photoresists all contribute to greater miniaturization and density of semiconductors. This section introduces photoresists and chemicals used in semiconductor packaging.



Sensors support the miniaturization and increased functionality of a wide range of products, including smartphones, digital cameras and digital video. Tokyo Ohka Kogyo contributes to the improvement of sensor technology by developing the most suitable photoresists and process equipment for various cutting-edge packaging processes. In this section, we will introduce CMOS sensors and related products.



We provide products for the panel manufacturing field, which requires materials that are light, thin, and of high image quality.
In this field, research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as wearable displays and flexible displays is progressing at a rapid pace. The synergy of our materials technology and coating technology, which boasts high uniformity and precision, contributes to both higher resolution and economic efficiency of displays. Here we introduce some of our products used in display manufacturing.


High Purity Chemicals

Our technology and products are not limited to the photolithography field. Our world’s purest cleaning solutions, thinners, developers and a wide range of inorganic and organic chemicals are used in a variety of industries.
Discover a wide range of applications of our chemicals and find the right one to suit your development needs.


New Business
(Bio/Life Science, Optical Application,Separation Membrane, Etc.)

We will use the unique technologies and know-how we have cultivated over the years to provide high value-added products that will help solve the problems of the new era and new markets.

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