TOK will provide high value-added products that will aid in solving the problems of the new era as well as new markets by utilizing unique technologies and know-how cultivated over the years.


Bio/Life Science

We develop structure forming materials and functional coating materials for cell culture vessels, microfluidic devices, inspection devices, and medical instruments. We offer a lineup of products that involve low cytotoxicity and low autofluorescence.

01 バイオ・ライフサイエンス

Optical Devices/Optical Components

We develop nanoimprinting materials that can be used to form the structure of optical elements for AR/VR and 3D sensors.
The ultra-thin hydrophilic coating material with visible light transmission of ≈100% can be used as a functional coating that does not interfere with optical properties for transparent materials such as automobiles,
construction materials, glasses, goggles, and cameras.

02 光学デバイス / 光学部材

Separation Membrane

We are developing porous polyimide films that can be used as separation membranes for next-generation batteries. Our porous polyimide film features extremely uniform pores, and is expected to be used for a wide range of other applications due to its high heat resistance, high chemical resistance, and low dielectric properties.

03 分離膜

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