Film Formation Materials
These materials form SiO2- and B2O3-based films when coated and baked.

Dispersants for Diffusion and Planarization

OCD Type-1,Type-2,Type-7

OCD is a silicon dioxide (SiO2) based coating solution that is used in the manufacturing process of various electronic components.
OCD is composed of silicon compounds [RnSi(OH)4-n] and additives (diffusion impurities, glass forming agents, organic binders) dissolved in organic solvents (alcohol, esters, ketones). OCD can be easily applied by spinners, dipping, etc. The concentration of the coating solution can be easily changed depending on the intended use.


  • The film can be easily produced at normal temperature and pressure, making mass production possible.
  • The film thickness can be freely controlled by changing the concentration, rotation speed, or pull-up speed.
  • Diffusion impurities and glass forming agents can be freely selected, making it easy to control the characteristics of various devices.
  • Large amount of wafers can be processed easily, resulting in cost reduction.


(1) Impurity Diffusion Agent (Type-1)

In the process of manufacturing semiconductor devices, impurities such as P, Sb, As and other compounds are used as doped oxide sources (solid phase and solid phase diffusion) when forming holes and negative holes.

(2) Passivation Film Forming Agent, Step Covering Agent, Insulating Film Forming Agent (Type-2, Type-7)

SiO2 film alone (Type-2 and Type-7) or with the addition of a compound glass forming agent such as P (Type-2) is used as a passivation film forming agent and a step smoothing agent.

(3) Alkali Metal Elution Prevention Films (Type-2, Type-7)

These films can be used in a method to prevent the elution of alkali metal by applying it to the glass substrate for Liquid Crystal Display (LC), Electrochromic (EC), Electroluminescence (EL), etc. or for solar cells (undercoating method), or applying it to the surface of ITO (Transparent Conductive Film), LC, EC, EL films (overcoating method).
We also offer a wide range of products for pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications. It is also used for the manufacture of high performance containers by coating the inner surface of glass containers for pharmaceuticals and semiconductors.

(4) Others (Type-1, Type-2, Type-7)

Other films can be used as light selective absorption films, chemical resistance improvement films, low-friction film forming agents, corrosion-resistant protective films, adhesion improvement films, etc.

Inorganic Planarization Coating Solutions

OCD Type-12

OCD Type-12 is an inorganic material that further improves the crack resistance and reduces degassing of conventional (Si-H) OCD Type-10*. *OCD Type-10 is a conventional product for thick inorganic films.


  • Compared to conventional OCD Type-10, cracking resistance has been improved.
  • Compared to conventional OCD Type-10, shrinkage is smaller and heat resistance is improved.
  • Compared to conventional OCD Type-10, proportion of degassing is reduced.

OCD in the text is a pending or registered trademark of TOK.

Boron Diffusion Coating Solutions


PBF is a coating solution for diffusion of high concentration boron for semiconductor device manufacturing. The composition of the coating solution is a polymer of organic macromolecules reacted with boron compounds, dissolved in an alcohol-based solvent. Unlike the SOG type, PBF does not contain inorganic binder, which is easily changed, and thus has excellent stability during storage and application. In addition, this type of coating solution is superior to B2O3 dissolved in a solvent in terms of leaving the coating solution untreated, which is advantageous for automation of the coating process.


  • Suitable for high concentration boron diffusion
  • Compared with the conventional method of dissolving boric acid or boron oxide in a solvent and dispersing it by coating, this method produces a smooth and uniform film without crystal precipitation
  • The spin-on coating and diffusion method using PBF has the advantage of maintaining the uniformity as well as the "molar diameter" because a film of only B2O3 is formed on the wafer by coating and baking PBF
  • Mass production by automatic spinner possible due to excellent leaving characteristics after coating
  • Coating solution made by a special refining method to ensure high purity, resulting in excellent electrical properties after diffusion


  • Base Diffusion and P* Layer Formation for Transistors
  • Isolation Diffusion (PN Junction Separation Method) And Base Diffusion for Bipolar ICs
  • Deep and Long Time Diffusion of 100~200μm for Power Transistor Device Manufacturing
  • Source and Drain Formation for
    P-Channel MOS

PBF in the text is a pending or registered trademark of TOK.

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