Transparent Materials

Special Photoresists for High Transmittance and High Reliability Films

We offer a range of photoresists that can be patterned by the photolithography process to ensure high transmittance of 98% or more in the visible light range.
After photolithographic patterning, thermal flow or etching can be used to form a convex lens-like transparent insulating layer. This is a special-purpose photoresist that can be used to form high transmittance and high reliability films for use as a MEMS sensor, CIS microlens, and transparent insulating layer.
We also offer photosensitive transparent adhesives with a transmittance of 99% and a refractive index of nk = 1.51~1.53 in the wavelength range of 400nm or longer.
Transparent adhesives can be used for permanent bonding of semiconductor chips and glass substrates, and for mounting of optical sensors and glass substrates.

Transparent Structure Forming Material

TMR Series

The TMR series has been developed for the application of CIS microlens. This series can be used as a barrier coating layer or as a spherical transparent layer for thermal processing. Characteristics include high transmittance, convex lens shape (thermal flow), and high adhesion to the substrate and transparent structure.
TMR in the text is a pending or registered trademark of TOK.

Thermal Flow Type TMR-P15 PM

Thermal Flow Type TMR-P15 PM

Shape Is Controlled by Heating Process

Shape Is Controlled by Heating Process

Measured Transmittance After HST Test

Measured Transmittance After HST Test

Measurement Sample Preparation Conditions

Measurement Sample :TMR-P17 PM
Substrate :1737 glass
Film thickness :0.6um
Pre-bake :90℃, 90sec
Bleach Treatment :100mJ (g-, h-, i-line)
1st Post-bake :130℃, 5min
2nd Post-bake :200℃, 5min
HTS Test :250℃, 60min (oven)
Wavelength 400nm 450nm 500nm 550nm 600nm 630nm
Before HTS Treatment 97 98 99 99 99 99
After HTS Treatment 95 97 99 99 99 99

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