There are several types of thinner for various purposes, ranging from specific to multi-functional.
We have specialized rinses for developer and stripper thinners. For back and edge rinsing, we have OK73 thinner™, LA95 thinner, etc. For pipe cleaning, we have SWK™ thinner, NMP thinner, γ-butyl lactone, etc. For pre-wetting, we have VFR™ thinner, ONNR20 thinner, n-butyl acetate, etc.
VFR™ thinner and other resist solvents are available for rework applications.

Purpose for Using Thinner

Purpose for Using Thinner

OK73 Thinner™

OK73 Thinner

Thinner for Positive Photoresist

OK73 Thinner™ is a safe photoresist thinner with excellent cleaning properties.

Cleaning of photoresist wafer edges, back surface cleaning, and coater cup cleaning.

OK73 Thinner™ Effects

Resist THMR™-iP3100 Film Thickness: 1μm Pre-bake: 90℃, 90sec
Edge Rinse 50cc/min, 0.6kg/cm2 Back Rinse 100cc/min, 0.6kg/cm2

Dissolution Time Edge Rinse Back Rinse
(1.4 sec)
Edge Rinse:OK73 Thinner(1.4sec) Back Rinse:OK73 Thinner(1.4sec)
(1.6 sec)
Edge Rinse:OFPR 800 Thinner(1.6sec) Back Rinse:OFPR 800 Thinner(1.6sec)
(0.7 sec)
Edge Rinse:MP(0.7sec) Back Rinse:MP(0.7sec)
Edge Rinse:PGMEA(2.5sec) Back Rinse:PGMEA(2.5sec)
Edge Rinse:PGME(1.0sec) Back Rinse:PGME(1.0sec)

VFR™ Thinner

VFR Thinner

Thinner for Positive Photoresist

VFR™ is a thinner with excellent cleaning properties.

VFR™ Thinner Performance

Cleaning Performance

Each Resist 100℃ bake
Thinner 500rpm, 20sec; rotary drying 3000rpm, 10sec

Initial Film Thickness ArF 1.52μm KrF 4.36μm I-Line 4.46μm
OK73 Thinner™ 1.32μm 0.00μm 0.01μm
VFR™ Thinner 0.12μm 0.17μm 1.09μm

Residual film after treatment is measured against the initial film thickness.

Pre-wet Performance
Thinner Not Used Pre-wetting Difference in Resist Drip Volume
OK73 Thinner™ 3.0cc 2.5cc 0.5cc
VFR™ Thinner 0.9cc 2.1cc

*The difference in resist (OFPR-800) dripping with and without pre-wetting is measured.

Rework Performance

*In the event that a failure occurs during the resist coating, exposure and development process due to processing conditions or equipment failure (e.g. error in design dimensions, etc.), the existing resist film is removed from the semiconductor substrate and a new coat of resist is applied and the exposure and development process is performed.

Thinner Dripping 1000 rpm/30sec Rotational Drying 3000 rpm/10sec
Resist Film Thickness 1μm Pre-bake 110℃, 90sec

  1ml 2ml 3ml 4ml
OFPR-800 1ml:OFPR™-800
TSCR-120i 1ml:TSCR™-120i

*Observe the residue from changing the drip volume of thinner (VFR).

OK73 Thinner, VFR, OFPR, and TSCR in the text are a pending or registered trademarks of TOK.

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