Protective Coating Materials

Protecting the Device Surface and Backside During Development, Etching and Dicing

Protective film material is resin material used to protect the surface of the device or the back of the device during development, etching or dicing.
The main resin solutions are OBC, which has the same resin component as negative resist, and OFR-5, which has the same resin component as positive resist. As a water-soluble resin, TPF is used for general purpose applications and TLDP-300 for protective coatings in laser processing.



Non-Photosensitive Resin Solution

Protects surfaces from contamination and damage caused by chemicals, damage, and foreign substances after coating and baking.
Two types of products are available: OFR-5, a novolac resin type that can be easily peeled off with alkaline water solution, and OBC, a rubber resin type with excellent chemical resistance to both acidic and alkaline conditions that can be peeled off with organic solvents such as xylene solvent.

Regarding Flatness

Regarding Flatness
  OFR-5 OFPR-800
90℃ 90sec 0.565μm OFR-5:0.565μm 0.664μm OFPR™-800:0.664μm
90℃ 90sec 0.544μm 0.690μm
90℃ 90sec 0.228μm 0.693μm



Water Soluble Resin Solution

TPF is a high purity water-soluble resin solution. It can be used in a wide range of applications, such as preventing inter-mixing in the upper, lower and intermediate layers of multilayer resists, protecting the backside of wafers, and preventing adhesion when cutting wafers and glass.



Water Soluble Resin Solution

This solution is used to protect the surface of the wafer during laser processing.

Effect of TLDP™-300

  3 Repetitions 5 Repetitions 9 Repetitions
After Laser Irradiation 3 Repetitions:After Laser Irradiation 5 Repetitions:After Laser Irradiation 9 Repetitions:After Laser Irradiation
After Cleaning 3 Repetitions:After Cleaning 5 Repetitions:After Cleaning 9 Repetitions:After Cleaning

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