Photosensitive Liquid Repellent Coating Materials

A Coating Material That Can Form Hydrophobic (Water/Oil Repellent) Patterns by Photolithography

A photosensitive material that can form fine patterns with high liquid-repelling characteristics. Expected to be used in a wide range of fields such as printable electronics and bio/life sciences.
Furthermore, control of liquid behavior is possible by combining with hydrophilic substrates and TOK's super hydrophilic coating materials.


  • Coating material for lithographic process to create liquid repellent areas and patterns
  • Film thickness adjustable
  • Positive/negative type selectable

Use Case

Use Case

Liquid Repellent Performance

  Wettability Film Thickness※ Pattern
Contact Angle Surface Free
Water(°) Diiodomethane(°) Hexadecane(°)
Positive Type Water Repellent
5nm >2μm 89.0
Contact Angle Water(°):Positive Type
Contact Angle Diiodomethane(°):Positive Type
Contact Angle Hexadecane(°):Positive Type
Negative Type Water Repellent
Oil Repellent
30nm >sub-μm 106.6
Contact Angle Water(°):Negative Type
Contact Angle Diiodomethane(°):Negative Type
Contact Angle Diiodomethane(°)):Negative Type

*Film thickness and pattern dimensions can be adjusted according to the deposition conditions and exposure model.

Application Example

Application Example

Intended Use Case

  • Printable Electronics
  • Fluid Behavior Control, Such as in Ergonomics or
    Bio/Life Science Industries

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