This equipment is capable of improving the heat resistance, dry etching resistance, and chemical resistance of various organic thin films.

TIPS-5200/5800 Series

TIPS-5200/5800 Series

UV Curing System Compatible With G-Line, I-Line, and KrF Resists.

This series is compatible with 100/125/150/200/300mm wafers and is equipped with a wave length modulation system to match the film characteristics. As a top photoresist manufacturer, Tokyo Ohka Kogyo offers its own UV curing process based on chemical reaction. Even transparent films can be cured without degrading the transmittance. It can also be used for thinner wafers such as power semiconductors.


Wafer Size TIPS-5200:300mm/200mm
UV System Irradiation unit x 1 set
Processing Environment Environment control
Conveyance System Air conveyance system
Processing Temperature RT~90℃ / heater specification︓90~200℃
Cassette FOUP/open cassette
Vacuum Pump Dry pump x 1 unit
Signal GEM/GEM300 *Only 300mm equipment

Process Performance

Heat Resistance Improves heat resistance of resists by 50℃ or more
Dry Etching Resistance Improves dry etching resistance of resists by more than 10%
Metal Contamination <10E10atoms/cm2
Particle <30 particles/0.2μm-up (300mm wafer)
Throughput >50wfs/hr

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