Tokyo Ohka Kogyo's has a history of more than 30 years of providing plasma ashing systems and has installed more than 900 units around the world. These are low damage resist ashing systems using high density plasma for 100~300mm wafers.
The system can be equipped with a variety of process chambers, and can be used for normal and implanted resist ashing, nitride film etching, etc.

TCA-7200/7800 Series

TCA-7200/7800 Series

Plasma Ashing System Suitable for Power
Semiconductor Manufacturing

This equipment is compatible with 100/125/150/200/300mm wafers. It can perform rapid resist stripping after injection of high-dose ions. It also has a new wafer adsorption mechanism for improved wafer cooling efficiency. Unlike the electrostatic chucking system (ECS), there is no problem with dechucking. It is ideal for ultra-thin wafers such as power semiconductors.


Wafer Size TCA-7200:300mm/200mm
Process Chamber 2 Chamber (13.56MHz)
Process Gas O2/N2/CF4/Ar (maximum 4 systems)
Conveyance System Load Lock Type
Processing Temperature RT〜100℃
Cassette FOUP/open cassette
Vacuum Pump Dry pump x 3 units
Signal GEM/GEM300

Process Performance

Ashing Features >1.0um/min <±10% at 60℃ processing (300mm wafer)
Metal Contamination <10E10atoms/cm2
Particle <30 particles/0.2μm-up (300mm wafer)
Throughput >100wfs/hr
Other Functions Automatic endpoint detection by EDP

Small-Footprint Resist Ashing System TCA-5800 Series

TCA-5800 series

Small Footprint Asher That Fits Into the Small Space of Older Ashers and Supports Various Ashing Processes

This equipment can be used to replace our older ashers (TCA-2400/3400, TCA-2600/3600, TSE-306W, OAPM-301B-301B).
With the same or better process performance, it can be easy to replace older equipment using the existing space.
The new controller is equipped with new functions such as equipment status check (leak, operation speed, consumables operation count, etc.) and logging.


Conveyance System Air conveyance system
1 chamber, 1 cassette (option: 2 cassettes)
Applicable Wafer Sizes 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm
Applicable Processes Ashing, etching
Processing Chamber Same as existing process chamber
(TCA/E-2400, TCA/E-2600, TSE-306W, TCA/E3400, TCA/E-3600)
Throughput Equal to or greater than existing equipment
Other Functions Process log, equipment status check (leak, consumables operation count, operation speed, etc.), logging function

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