We offer a heat treatment system that enables high-precision temperature control of the substrate surface under ultra-low oxygen concentrations and rapid temperature rise and fall for large square substrates.

High Speed Heat Treatment System for Square Substrates

TN90000N series
TN90000N Series

High Speed Heat Treatment With Excellent Temperature Uniformity Across Entire Surface of Substrate Under Ultra-Low Oxygen Concentration and Rapid Temperature Rise and Fall For Large Square Substrates

This single-wafer baking system enables rapid temperature rise and fall under ultra-low oxygen concentration and high uniformity temperature control within the substrate surface for large square substrates (6 generation, 4.5 generation).
The single-wafer baking system enables high-precision baking processing with high-precision substrate temperature control and no variation within or between substrates.
Application Example: polyimide varnish baking


Processing Method Single-wafer type (Maximum 3 units can be loaded)
Heat Source IR Heater
Applicable Substrate Size TN90000N Series:1500×1850(mm) 、TN45000N Series:730×920(mm)
Maximum Baking Temperature 500°C

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